RÆBURN: The Brand ‘Changing The World Through Responsible Design’

May 15, 2021
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May 15, 2021

RÆBURN’s commitment to responsible design is fierce and all-encompassing. Since its conception, the brand has focused on three clear principles for design — each piece is either RÆMADE, RÆDUCED or RÆCYCLED. These three R’s underpin every decision the company makes.

Harnessing green technologies and re-imagining military materials into garments is at the heart of founder Christopher Raeburn’s vision. Since 2009, before ‘up-cycling’ became widely practiced, Raburn’s designs have incorporated discarded materials such as unused life rafts, 1940s battledress denim, and tents.

As a hub of responsible design, Raeburn hopes to inspire with its innovative and thoughtful approach.

Source: Hypebeast 

“We cannot continue consuming everything in the way that we are,” Christoper told Hypebeast, “if we as designers can help to make some good choices up front, then hopefully for our customers it’s a bit of a no brainer really.”

RÆBURN’S cutting-edge approach to design translates into their numerous limited-edition collaborations, which have included capsules with Timberland, North Face, Eastpack, and even cosmetics company Aesop.

Their latest release managed to be even more disruptive than the last. SS21 REJUVENATE is a direct outcome of the team’s decision to cut back on the product we produce and optimise what we already have.”

This season, they have delved into their material archives to revive and reimagine a range of US military wet-weather poncho liners, that are quilted in universal Digital (ACU) camo.

Source: Hypebeast 

The collection includes jogger shorts, with a striking yellow trim, re-imagined from an Air Brake parachute, a skilfully-tailored, reversible jacket made from RAF and PTFE jackets, and many more innovative creations. Hoodies, anoraks, animal-shaped rucksacks among them!

Additionally, the brand presented a series of garments using spray-painted dapple motifs, in a design collaboration with AATB — a practice that focuses on robotics and human-machine interactions. In line with the cutting-edge thought behind the pieces themselves, the collection was presented via a digital CGI campaign produced alongside artists Maria Pereira.

As a brand which is constantly looking forward, RÆBURN plan to continue their disruptive, innovative, and inspiring legacy, and to work together with other players in the industry for positive change. How’s that for Saturday inspiration?

Source: Hypebeast 

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