Self Care Can Come In Pearls: Polite Worldwide’s New Fine Jewellery Drop Will Align Your Energy

September 2, 2021
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Written By:
September 2, 2021

Rarely do we think of the effects our fashion choices may have on us beyond our superficial transformation. Of course clothes and accessories can make us feel more confident and ground us with a sense of self, by serving as a tool for self expression, but that is more a result of our own internal processing that makes it so, rather than a direct outcome from the item’s physical properties.
Polite Worldwide is here to change that. The sustainable LA-based lifestyle brand makes its unique pieces with natural materials, aimed to ground us and connect us back to Earth. Its latest drop is no less, with 14kt yellow gold bead, fresh water coloured pearls, and semi-precious and natural gemstones; vibration pieces with healing and grounding properties.

Among the new selection of necklaces and bracelets, we can find Polite Worldwide’s signature tones, pearl white, blush pink, and gold. The addition of navy and sky blue, as well as ranges of green going from panache to olive green alludes to a delicate but firm gradient flow of energy.
The fine jewellery collection is produced in limited quantities so as to further emphasize the brand’s commitment to sustainable production. Steering towards the direct opposite direction of mass production and consumption, Polite Worldwide chooses not only to employ sustainable production methods and materials, but also to create a few pieces that can be considered a work of art, a treasure, that you can cherish forever.

This drop is as beautiful and cohesive as can be expected from such a seminal brand. After all, we can’t overlook the fact that Polite Worldwide has played a significant role in deconstructing preconceived ideas of femininity and masculinity, and the social strings with which they are attached to gender. The label has managed to highlight femininity as the human experience that it is, as much of a necessity to be expressed and embraced by men than by women.


We were fortunate to work with Polite Worldwide for the campaign shoot, and can’t help but be mesmerized by the love and care put into every single piece, it really does shine through, and subtly reverberates from sight to mind. That in itself is healing.
This comes as no surprise once you find out that designer and co-founder Christian Azzinaro, infuses himself one way or another into every item, as he is intrinsically connected to every piece, having a hand in either painting them or incorporating his own art into them. For Azzinaro, jewellery is a form of art, that carries meaning, sentiment, and history.

It takes one look at Polite Worldwide’s new fine jewellery collection to see that Azzinaro, is indeed, right.
Now do yourself a favour, and get ahold of one of their unique pieces before they sell out here.
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Creative & Film Direction: Felipe Santibañez
Photography: Enzo Iarte
DOP & Video Edit: Matt Turzymski
Styling: Noor Zouitina
Makeup: Andrea Gonzales Models: Iago Santibañez, Ronald E., Carlota Dura
Copywriter: Madeleine Urban
Production: Tim Warmolts
Creative Agency: The Next Cartel
Production Company: Lunartic

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