Photo Series “Optimism” By Micaiah Carter Has Us Smitten

October 11, 2022
Written By:
Written By:
October 11, 2022

“Optimism” is the name chosen for the photographic collaboration between 26-year-old photographer Micaiah Carter and WePresent. What can we say… We’re smitten.

Carter presents a photo series that captures Black culture and uplifts its legacy. The intimacy of his truth permeates each and every framed image. Delving into Black spirituality, there is something harmonious about every piece. One can perceive the care and the minuteness with which every photograph is taken, which comes as no surprise once we find out that many of the subjects are based on Carter’s own relatives, friends, and community acquaintances. Being raised in a Baptist church, Micaiah Carter’s memories are filled with early mornings attending the church and being surrounded by his community. As such “Optimism” draws inspiration from this period of time and the overall theme of Family.

A celebration of his childhood, exploring his past and highlighting it as part of the uniqueness inherent to Blackness and Black experience. A window to his world, a homage to the influences that have made him the artist he is today.

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