Pas de Mer: Disruptive Graphics For Every Mood

April 12, 2021
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April 12, 2021

Source: Corridoio 8

Pas de Mer has proven, time and time again, that a T-shirt can have more personality than most people you come across. Their SS21 collection is no exception.

The newest collection is characterised by its graphic approach, versatile pieces and a running motif of both nautical and religious imagery. Not surprising given the collection’s name, ‘Agua Santa,’ or Holy Water.

Source: Milled

Across one shirt, an image of Mary distributing ‘holy’ (‘bottled and distilled’) water invites a humorous interoperation of the theme, while other shirts adorn wave-style tie-dye.

However, the theme is not followed too literally, and the collection also incorporates animal print and illustrations of ballerinas. As always, the Italian brand combines its streetwear background with disruptive graphics to makes for thought-provoking and unusual pieces.

The collection sees colourful shorts, bright, printed shirts, embroidered hoodies and, of course, their cult-favourite — the graphic tees. The pieces, which span across a lively, light colour palette, are extremely versatile. And while you can see yourself on the beach in the shorts and WAV t-shirts, other pieces, such as the Medals Shirt, would make for statement, evening looks.

Source: Pas De Mer

Pas de Mer is both “relaxed and sophisticated,” as their website points out. Get you a brand that can do everything, huh?

You can shop the Agua Santa collection here on their website.

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