Paris Fashion Week Men’s Recap: The Shows That You Should Not Miss

January 24, 2022
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January 24, 2022

Fashion month has kicked off with the spectacular Milan Fashion Week, and we got the chance to see many bright collections, A-Cold-Wall and 44 Label Group, to name a few. And last week we got to revel in the wonders presented in Paris Fashion Week (PFW): Men’s.

Even though there were some challenges – especially due to the pandemic and the logistic issues this causes- PFW was a successful spectacle, which served as a platform to new voices as well as well-known brands in the industry.

It was challenging to choose among the fantastic shows, but as The Next Cartel, we decided on our favourite shows from this week and had our brilliant fashion writer Noor Zouitina comment on them.

Casablanca AW 2022 “Le Monde Diplomatique”

Casablanca has made a name for itself in the industry, based on its brand values that are reflected in its style. Gender fluidity and diversity are its essential pillars that make Casablanca a brand that we all hope to see walking on the runway.

Casablanca has been a bold voice in the industry since 2018. They’ve been breaking gender boundaries unapologetically and creating a shared, Haute fashion aesthetic for its audience to enjoy, regardless of their identity. Casablanca introduced us to their welcoming exclusivity with the new collection “Le Monde Diplomatique,” the diplomatic world.

The collection was without a doubt a wonderful way to mix comfort and good taste for fashion, mixing trends from the 70s and a vivid and little-explored colour palette, we have never been big fans of red and blue together, until now.

Bianca Saunders AW 2022 “A Stretch”

Making her Paris Fashion Week debut, Bianca Saunders showed us the results of her innovative experiment on textile and shapes. She took the model’s movement on the catwalk into consideration and designed the garments smartly and elegantly to go with the flow.

I love Saunders’ designs; I think she is very good at finding a middle ground with her style, which I think is a mix of several; minimalism, monochrome, and play between volumes. I think we have a lot to see from Saunders.

Rhude AW 2022 “Bull Market”

Taking inspiration from the everyday luxury aesthetic of the young Wall Street elite, Rhude chooses to look at the dynamic world from a unique perspective. Rhuigi Villaseñor’s target is the new generation of techno-art investors, as they have what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

The ease to create totally different looks but with a common concept is what fascinates me about Rhude. Seeing the parade was like seeing different characters with a personality, a style. Rhude suits are certainly not to be kept quiet.

Kenzo AW 2022

The Kenzo show for the Paris Fashion Week was held in Galerie Vivienne, the exact spot where the late house founder Kenzo Takeda’s debut show took place in 1970. This symbolic gesture made the Kenzo runway a hotspot for everyone to see the new creative director, Nigo. This collection was an homage to Maison’s heritage and a salute to Nigo’s contemporary perspective.

Kenzo’s show was certainly one to watch. Nigo’s new creative direction honestly gave me a breath of fresh air, which I loved. New patterns, suits, -I love suits-. I think that from now on, we are going to see a new face of Kenzo that I honestly can’t wait to see!

Louis Vuitton AW 2022 “Louis Dreamhouse”

The show for the Louis Vuitton collection was definitely one that will be remembered for a long time, for all the right reasons. It was a bittersweet goodbye to one of the most influential designers to date, Virgil Abloh. As the collection was introduced, we couldn’t help but think that his legacy will not be forgotten.

I think it is one of the most complete collections I have ever seen; Virgil Abloh, without a doubt, left us with a masterpiece to remember for a long time. I love the inclusivity and diversity that this collection presents; we have so many urban tribes, so many backgrounds, styles… It is without a doubt a collection that embraces everyone, regardless of who they are. Not to mention the performance that Master Abloh created; dancers, models, and endless references that seemed to see our favourite classics from the sofa of our house, without a doubt a great goodbye.

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro AW 2022 “Self-Culture”

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro did it again! The theme “self-culture” explains the collection very well; it is unapologetic, authentic, and confident. Pieces complement each other in everyday life harmony. The street set was the perfect choice to demonstrate the strengths of the designs, with clashing yet coherent patterns and textures: sparkly against smooth, faux leather alongside cotton…

Also, can we please appreciate the band for the fantastic job they did?

The mix of creative fashion and innovative sets makes us eager to experience each year’s Fashion Weeks. As we are approach Women’s Fashion Week, 2022 Autumn-Winter Men’s collections were only the beginning of fashion mania. The bar is really high now, and we can’t wait for what’s next!

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