New York Fashion Week: Our Picks

February 11, 2022

A major fashion week of one of the epicenters of fashion has finally arrived! And we couldn’t wait any longer to share our insights with you about what’s cooking on NYC’s runways.

Fashion is more multidimensional than ever, and we believe New York Fashion Week is a perfect example of this, offering many beautifully varied activities, from digital to on-site. Digital shows are not only a creative way to overcome travel bans but also delve deep into the possibilities that come along with digitalization.

If there is one thing to be said about New York Fashion Week, it has a global voice that reflects the collective aesthetic. The universality of fashion… What a concept, huh? Well, we can definitely say it is more of a reality now.

Welcome to this week’s editor’s choice, where we will have a sneak peek at the runways and digital-only shows of phenomenal New York Fashion Week to spot some prevailing trends.

Baggy Silhouettes and Gender-Neutral Designs

Source: Dion Lee
Source: A Potts

This New York Fashion Week, industry professionals reoriented their exploration towards comfy waters with baggy silhouettes which preserve a gender-neutral inclination. This design style not only implies but also accents the universality of fashion. It’s a powerful message to spread, especially in a fashion event this influential.

Bringing Nature to the Runway

Source: No Sesso
Source: Tanya Taylor

Mother nature’s influence is one of the predominant muses in this edition. From floral patterns to the pastel tones that conform to the flora and fauna motifs, nature has made a memorable, inspirational cameo in New York Fashion Week.


Source: Libertine

From geometrical patterns to tie-dyes, from gradient color palettes to contrasting textures, we can see many examples of pattern-dominated garments in New York Fashion Week.

These garments are not only stylish but also incredibly eye-catching and visually striking due to the essence of the patterns; you can’t take your eyes off them! They infuse the runway with intensely dynamic energy, exacerbated by the wonders of the garments under the right light as they come alive with the models’ movements.

Streetwear Rules Runway

Source: Telfar
Source: Tibi

Streetwear may not be a recent phenomenon, but its presence in high fashion has sure become all-encompassing, seeping into the design process of most labels. This trend seems to check all the boxes one can ask for; attitude, comfort, and style. Although it comes as no surprise to see this trend in this season’s New York Fashion Week, it is always a welcomed sight. What can we say, we know what we like.

Empty your official calendar -or traditional fashion calendar- for one of the ‘big four,’ New York Fashion Week. NYFW will be held between 11 February-16 February. We expect an organization this big to reflect and influence The Next steps in the fashion game.

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