Meet Luke Neil and His Punk Puff Designs

July 23, 2021
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July 23, 2021


Source: Luke Neil


Luke Neil is a young innovative artist creating unique designs who stands out with his loud creative punk styles. 


Luke Neil is a first-year Bachelor´s student at the London College of Fashion studying Fashion Design and Development. The young designer already worked as a runner with sales figures like Gok Wan and at companies such as Replay, Menswear, Guess, and House of Fraser.  Next to designing and developing clothes, he is also interested in current fashion trends. This is mirrored in his designs that can be found on his Instagram, TikTok, and his youtube channel where he also shows his personal fashion style.


What makes Luke different from other designers, is not only the punk style his designs draw inspiration from, but also the message his clothes carry. 



Source: Luke Neil


Earlier this month, Luke Neil showcased his collection of six individual looks on the Punk Puff Runway. The daring collection represents a new individual punk style, but is also carries a heartfelt message, the celebration of being punk, but also queer.



The uniqueness of the collection is visible in its six creative individual punk puff looks, particularly pertaining to the themes that each look articulates. Said themes being “A pink rebel”, “A club kid raver”, or “Broke out of school” giving each look its own identity. 



Source: Luke Neil


The many details and different garments incorporated into the different looks, make it difficult to categorize his designs. When you look at Luke’s collection, you’ll notice a use of plaid fabrics combined with a vast array of knitted items. Other highly notable elements are the puff elements, incorporated in each look like puffed sleeves or ruffled sections towards the bottom of the trousers, giving the clothes an edgy winter feel.


Those detailed and unique elements, together with the creative hairstyles and make-up bring out the individuality of every look, turning clothes into a visual experience.


Luke´s designs are something else, and in the context of the current fight for more rights and tolerance for the LGBTQI+ community, could Luke Neil and queer fashion be at the epicentre of this year’s London Street Style?


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