Les Benjamins: A Unique Vision of The Contemporary East

December 7, 2021
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December 7, 2021

Istanbul-based luxury streetwear brand Les Benjamins continues to challenge the norms of contemporary streetwear in the most stylish way possible. The founder and creative director, Bünyamin Aydın, is taking concrete steps towards building a ‘Modern East’ narrative, which represents his heritage and vision while celebrating their 10th anniversary in the business.

Source: Schön Magazine

We are a platform of how we want the East to be today
 Bünyamin Aydın.

Istanbul is the muse for the brand; a place that is not only an international city, but also a literal bridge between East and West. The creations represent that cultural duality in every sense, the ideas come from Eastern traditional aesthetics, but they are designed with a Western twist to contemporize the garments and reflect their signature essence.

The brand started with sweatshirts and t-shirts a decade ago, as explained by the founder himself. Now, it is a global fashion brand with a wide product range, available for women, men, and kids. Their fresh perspective is appreciated worldwide, proven by their numerous collaborations with sensational international brands, such as NikeCoca-Cola, and Puma.

Streetwear is a movement, rather than an aesthetic.
Bünyamin Aydın

Does their aesthetic look familiar, but you can’t point your finger where did you see them? Then you must have watched the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, where the Turkish team wore their designs at the parade of nations. It also has a symbolic meaning because Les Benjamins is becoming more than just a fashion brand in Turkey- it’s a representation of urban youth culture. Fashion acts as a movement, a tool to emancipate a whole generation, which Les Benjamins is very aware and supportive of. We believe this liberating movement can inspire the world now that we are one step closer to unity.

Source: Hypebae

Their inspirations vary from music to sports, culture to geography, fashion to functionality… However, all the designs share a core goal: empowering the rebel spirit of the youth and uniting people regardless of their background with their multidimensional perspective. It isn’t just a trend-following, instead, it’s the capability to blend the past, present, and the future into one creative expression.

Les Benjamins symbolizes the mixed heritage, the complexity and intersectionality of our world. It is globalization itself. It reinforces the youth and the new culture. It is the ballad of the East and West, ready to be heard.

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