IUTER’s new collection is an ode to the 2000s

February 26, 2021
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February 26, 2021

To officially celebrate its 18th birthday, IUTER is going back to 2002, when it was born. The SS21 “Old Enough to Know Better” is a tribute to the early years, filled with nostalgia.

IUTER SS21 is a really nice collection that beautifully rides the nostalgia wave with features from ‘80s cult magazine Frigidaire, the sexy diva Ilona Staller – alias Cicciolina-, politically incorrect TV show “Beavis & Butthead” and rap legend Noyz Narcos, who also happens to be one of the family.

Noyz Narcos is an icon among Italian rappers and he collaborated to design the collection. The SS21 SNITCH graphic was designed by Daniel Sansavini for the “TILL DEATH” capsule, released in 2018. Only 50 pieces were produced and they sold out in seconds. IUTER and Noyz fans now have a new chance to get their hands on the Hoodie, in different colorways.

Ilona autographed the pieces that bring her iconic ‘Figidaire’ n.53 cover, back in 1991.

“Needless to say, working with Ilona was a pleasure and we showered her with kisses. We teamed up with Frigidaire and Ms Staller to recreate the vibes of a 1985 Frigidaire cover”, shared IUTER in an Instagram post earlier this month.

Frigidaire’ made illustrations all around the world, from the dystopic RanXerox comics by Liberatore and Tamburini – translated for both the US and Japanese markets-  to feature articles with Ilona Staller and investigations into South East Asia’s worst meth dens.

Not only Illona’s cover is being praised. The COVER pieces feature an all-over pattern, a journey through 40 years in covers from all the main artists who worked on the project over the decades.

The text on the POLA pieces is written by Vincenzo Sparagna’s own hand and appears alongside various Polaroids from the archive. The text tells you all what Frigidaire is and always will be.

“We literally started off selling logo t-shirts. Our intention wasn’t even really to sell, more than anything we wanted our friends to wear our logo. We printed in a basement and sold out of the trunk of a car at snowboard events and parties.”

The collection also features graphics by Studio Temp, Ray Martinez, Tommaso Garner, and Filippo Antonioli.

Find out more at iuter.com

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