Is It Worth Getting Into The Metaverse For My Company?

April 21, 2022
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April 21, 2022

Remember when companies used to leave their social media presence in the hands of whatever summer intern was unlucky enough to book the job? Up until not so long ago the corporate dismissal of the value of online presence and engagement was palpable. And now, many of those very businesses are playing catch up trying to solidify their brand’s identities on social media. The same goes for those who didn’t see the dominance of mobile phone’s taking over desktops coming, many still don’t. Well, this is what is happening with the metaverse right now.

People judge its current state and fail to see the difference between the metaverse and Minecraft. They don’t see the immersive land they were promised, and thus are incapable of appreciating the building blocks of what could become an imperative element to most ventures.

You snooze you lose. So yes, take the first baby steps into the Metaverse before it’s too late

Changes in these technologies happen ridiculously fast. Just in the last five or six years, we have seen the rise of 5G, curved TVs, e-scooters… VR came out in 2016, and AR in 2018. That is nothing, no time at all, barely the blink of an eye.

So what to do in order to not get trampled by the ever-evolving wave of technology and actually surf it towards success? Begin setting up metaverse divisions to ready yourselves for the era of Web 3.0. Make sure you use the current technology, such as 2D apps, e-commerce tools, and online operational tools as means of growing and solidifying your business now, these will prove instrumental as the building blocks for your business in the Metaverse in the future.

The Metaverse can help you to optimize internal operations

The issue with the Metaverse that brands often encounter is trying to figure out where they fit in. So far most of the information circulating regarding the (business) usability is very much directed towards the relationship between businesses and customers. Particularly in society as a customer. Meaning sales of products or experiences, from clothes to festivals, and all that jazz, to people. As a result, companies that either do not engage in that sort of activity or whose products can’t be strictly translated into the digital verse do not see how they could possibly benefit from entering the investment that entails entering the Metaverse.

But what if we told you that there are other uses for the Metaverse as a company too? A simple sale barely scratches the surface of the opportunities found behind these virtual doors.

Source: VentureBeat

Optimization of manufacturing and logistics operations

For example, the whole manufacturing and logistics process of a physical business could be replicated in the metaverse and used as means for running simulations to optimize said processes. Similarly, before exploring new ventures we could essentially do test drives in the Metaverse to better project outcomes, then apply what we’ve learned to the physical operation.

So while the thought of entering the metaverse may seem daunting, and quite a costly investment, when yielded wisely this new technology could in fact make out of your business a significantly more cost-effective venture.

High-functioning virtual co-working spaces for seamless remote work

Although the integration of remote work was already in motion before the pandemic, we cannot deny the monumental fast-forward undergone by this format of employment due to COVID. Over the course of the last 3 years, most companies could afford to transform their infrastructures and shift towards remote work in order to accommodate the restrictions brought on by the global sanitary crisis. It became, quite literally, a matter of life and death.

As we walk the path towards “normality” again, remote work has proven to be effective, often increasing the productivity of a business. The Metaverse offers the potential to truly make a seamless experience out of remote work. For any traditionalists out there who still cling to the mistaken idea that in order to work “properly” your employees must sit at their depressing desk exactly X amount of hours a day, we’ll just say… By now we should have the foresight to recognize that not only is remote work here to stay, but its predominance will also only grow as we move forward. Productivity and efficacy over control and authority people, that’s what the leadership of the future looks like.

Source: PA
Source: PA

Anyhow, going back to the matter at hand, the Metaverse will allow for the heightened experience of co-working spaces, allowing us to have meetings online more efficiently for example. Or just think about the possibilities when it comes to training sessions and simulations! Interactive learning and the use of AI technologies have already proven to be, on most occasions, more effective than the traditional methods currently in use. The Metaverse could make all of these proceedings seamless.

Sure, but where and how do you start in your journey towards the Metaverse?

As we mentioned earlier, right now what you absolutely must do is work with the technology at hand. Creating a strategy with a projection into the digital future is essential, and having a top-notch visually striking website goes without saying. These two are a must.

Lastly, you can begin to shape your identity in the digital realm by designing 2D and 3D environments. Essentially virtual iterations of your shops, products, services, or even just presence and brand identity. This whole process, this transformation really, can seem intimidating if you don’t know where or even how to start, and that’s where we come in.

Let us help you enter The Next chapter. Let us help you get ready for the Metaverse.

Source: Reisinger Studio
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