In Alex Prager’s ‘Part One: The Mountain’ Everything Is Up In The Air

December 14, 2022
Written By:
Written By:
December 14, 2022

To some, the unknown can be an exciting notion. Not knowing what comes next means anything could happen, anything is possible. However, to many others, the unknown is a terrifying place, it’s limbo, it’s uncertainty, doubt, and confusion. It renders people everywhere helpless, unable to move forward out of fear of falling to their feet on their next step. And that is precisely the duality of life, the highs, the lows, the takeoffs and landings, the perspective with which we look at something and face it. Do we dare jump despite risking the fall? All this and more is what courses through our minds after Alex Prager’s ‘Part One: The Mountain’.

Reality and fiction intertwined in every photo, hard to tell where one begins and the other one ends. The series of surreal portraits captures its subjects mid-air. The fall is up to the viewer.

It’s about experiencing something that’s so jarring it almost creates a convulsive reaction, emotionally and spiritually.

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