Donk Wear sticks its middle finger up to middle-class fetishism

April 13, 2021
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April 13, 2021

Madi and Sam are the rebellious creatives behind the wayward upcoming label Donk Wear, the brand that is sticking the middle finger up to middle-class fetishism, and lionizing the iconic aesthetic and spirit of UK’s working-class northern rave culture.

Yet another pair of artists that will not stand idly by while big brands try to make a quick buck off of selling their culture.Yet another forward thinking, progressive brand, that upcycles garments. That’s our kinda stuff right there. TNC approved.

“We’re artists that honestly represent our culture and we see massive businesses fetishise it as a ‘unique selling point’ because they fancied dipping their perfectly pedicured toes into ‘streetwear’. Ew.”

Sam & Madi for Metal Magazine

Their designs pay tribute to northern rave culture movements such as Acid House, but they insist that Donk isn’t really an ode to a specific genre. Rather, it is a reflection of working-class escapism through clubs, music, and partying. Essentially, an expression of their own youth, a depiction of their own life.

As such, acid-like smiley faces, cartoonish bits, and neon colours, are staple elements of their designs.

Despite initially being a technique they adopted due to lack of funds, spray painting has now become a key production method. Taking this into account, as well as the fact that every garment is made to order and customised for the buyer– yup, you read that right, you can actually decide which garment you want, with which design or colour, have a quick chat with them on Instagram, and they’ll actually make it for you – every item of clothing inevitably translates into a unique piece.

Together, Madi – the fashion designer – and Sam – the graphic designer -, have carved a space for their brand at the point where art, fashion, and street culture and representation, intersect. In fact, the designers have admitted that in the future they would love the idea of their garments being framed and appreciated the same way one would any other form of artwork.

The ultimate goal: infiltrating high culture, as revenge for fetishising their own.

And in our opinion, they’re definitely achieving it.

Check them out of their instagram and DM them to get your very own unique Donk Wear piece!

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