Does Fashion Affect Our Mood?

August 4, 2021
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August 4, 2021

Today we are going to investigate a topic a little deeper, the question we ask ourselves is… Can fashion affect our state of mind? Well the answer is yes! So now that we’ve got that covered, the real question now is… How?

Fashion plays a fundamental role in our daily lives, it is the first thing we do before leaving our homes. Our environment could well easily see us in one way or another. You might be wondering: What? It’s quite simple really… people are mainly visual, that is to say, our perceptual stimuli are based on what we see, depending on the colours, shapes or textures that we see, we feel different emotions. It seems silly doesn’t it? Well, it is very real, it is not the same to see a bright and resplendent yellow, than a deep, sullen, black. This is called the psychology of colours, each color gives us different emotions and our stimuli capture different sensations from them.

Source: Ambush FW21/22

The psychology of colors is something that has been used for many years, for example in brands, when a brand is developed, its values are set and when creating a logo or simply a corporate image, the psychology of the colors so that clients perceive what they want them to perceive, whether it is a feeling of firmness and strength or joviality and joy.

Source: London Image Institute

The same happens with clothes, our outfit communicates our state of mind, many believe that when choosing the clothes they are going to wear that day they do so without paying attention, you know, the typical “this is the first thing I grabbed”. Truth be told is: What we believe to be a spontaneous, not premeditated action, turns out to be an unintentional meditated choice.

Depending on our mood each day, we will choose something different and at the same time we will express how we feel that day.

Source: Rubearth FW 21/22

On days when we feel more serious or sad, we opt for dark tones, more straight and uniform shapes, since we do not feel like standing out, we want to go unnoticed or we do not feel that bright colors represent us that day. On the other hand, when we feel joy, we opt for a more fun, colorful and even riskier look, the sinuous and rounded silhouettes give us more movement and at the same time dynamism and joviality.

Source: Egonlab SS22

Therefore we can say that both fashion affects our mood, and that our mood affects fashion, the fashion that we decide to wear every day.

After all, fashion is art and art is nothing more than a way of expression, some choose one skill or another, such as music, painting, dance or writing, but the only thing we all have in common is fashion. We all consume fashion, we belong to an “urban tribe” we move towards one style or another based on the music we listen to, the people we surround ourselves with … and all this is reflected in fashion and our style.

Now that you know this… Tell us: Have you thought about what you are expressing with your outfit today?

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