Dark Circle Clothing: The Brand That Paints Pictures Through Words, On Their Latest Release

May 17, 2021
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May 17, 2021

The team behind Dark Circle Clothing does things in a very particular way. They act as an expression of street culture, rather than a fashion brand. Inspired by the thriving, creative community in Birmingham and its cultural scene, Dark Circle’s focus has always been primarily on the art. Ultimately, it is their slogan-driven artwork that has earned the brand its cult following.

Pioneers of expression through text, Dark Circle manages to be both universally understood, and enticingly mysterious.

Each release of garments incorporates multiple oxymoronic, ambiguous slogans, and premium, staple pieces. Pieces range from hoodies and joggers to printed denim and statement jackets. Minimalism and bold typography run through the collections, and their slogan-based, unisex approach, encourages unique interpretations from each wearer.

Source: Dark Circle 

“Everyone interprets clothing differently,” founder Aaron Dezonie told us here at TNC, “our small team will all wear the same hoodie in a different way that reflects their personality and style.”

Their ambiguous approach to slogans draws each wearer into their own search for meaning. The infamous ‘Dark Since Day’ slogan, for example, has kept fans speculating since its conception, but Aaron Dezonie has confirmed in an interview, that the real inspiration is not something that he would reveal, nor that anyone could guess. And this is exactly the point. ‘Dark’ is unique to each person.

Dark Circle is constantly improving their product, “making better collections season after season” and this drive has been a constant in Aaron’s life since he was a kid who spent his time “designing clothes and making things for friends and family.”

From here, creating Dark Circle, the brand, was a natural progression of Aaron’s creativity that allowed him to make more and sell product, and to “contribute to a community that had shaped [him] as a kid.”

Today, the wisdom and know-how that has propelled Dark Circle to success, is something coveted, and deeply respected, by both young artists, and business-minded individuals. Part of Dark’s ethos has always involved a focus on meaningful, engaging customer interactions. For the team at Dark, this involves engaging with their audience of aspiring creatives and business owners. Via Instagram stories, the team gives advice for those trying to start a brand — covering topics like production logistics, staying creative, and competing with bigger brands.

Source: Dark Circle 

Over email, Aaron, who grew up in the ‘dial-up days’, spoke to us about the importance of engaging an audience through social media — admitting that it “brings both opportunities and a lot of challenges.” There is no denying that socials are now “fully-fledged business models,” as he puts it. The tip is to stay on top of the “ever-changing social media world” and constantly, “keep things interesting.”

Overall, social media, “stops brands and young creatives getting complacent” but equally means a shift in work ethic, and a harder time getting noticed.

Source: Dark Circle 

“Getting hands on, for me, is the best way to learn and develop new ideas,” Aaron told us when we asked what general advice he had for someone starting out in production. “Bouncing them off my team and getting feedback along the way is the most beneficial way for concepts to come to life and be shared with everyone.”

Their latest streetwear release was the first drop for the SPRING/SUMMER ’21 collection and sees a focus on fabric composition and versatile designs. Deeply committed to constantly refining their product, SS21 incorporates new fabrics, garments, and colour palettes.

Their Premium range, which sees the “heaviest hoodie to date,” opts for an impressive 460GSM organic cotton. In this release, their renowned graphics are deployed slightly differently but with equal effect — as a powerful and understated “complement to other pieces in the collection.”

Source: Dark Circle 

The Wavy Denim Jacket and Jeans, for example, feature the new Wavy print and classic Registered Logo. Set against high-quality denim, the graphics on both pieces make for a striking, yet understated double-denim set. This is Dark Circle at their best — thoughtful design innovation, and inventive typography that enhances each piece.

Their first and second drops are now fully available on the website.

Looking forward, the brand will continue to focus on what matters. The product and the art. “We are looking at new ways we can continue to incorporate this into the brand, working with new artists to create special projects, product and content,” the Dark team told us, “some big things to come, watch this space!”

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