Can Eyewear Radiate Personality? We Say Yes After Seeing Ameos’ Ext.Genderlxss

March 23, 2022
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March 23, 2022

Eyewear has a special place among the world of accessories. Not only does it give one the chance to show off their style, a pair of glasses also provides a real-life filter through which to see the world. However, how effective can these filters be? We’re glad to say that they are pretty effective when it comes to perceiving life.

Scientists have long argued about the effect of colour-tinted lenses and emotional responses, and they found a significant correlation between these phenomena. The colour that we see the world through influences our reactions, which means one can choose their accessories by how it makes them look and how it makes them feel.

We have to say, that blew our minds quite a bit, but more so did the new collection of Ameos. They’ve given us exactly what we needed: fresh frames with colourful lenses to make a statement with our look while feeling the unique personalities of the designs, hoping they’ll rub off on us too.

Ameos is a Swedish eyewear brand that experiments with the limitless possibilities of self-expression. They aim to challenge the societal stereotypes which try to dictate how to live life or even express oneself. Now, you can embody an alter ego of your choice, freeing you from any all norms outside of your own creativity.

With Ameos’ new collection Ext.Genderlxss four innovative models are being presented as an extension of the previous Genderlxss collection. The new releases have both been crafted by hand in Italy and digitally for the blockchain (NFTs), to explore a new dimension of how creativity can be expressed with eyewear and translated to the rapidly changing world of digital fashion.

These new designs connect the gap between traditional eyewear and technology with their eco-conscious materials and UVA and UVB protective lenses in their material versions. Additionally, the digital design breaks down the walls between physical and digital eyewear, which is something that Ameos is pushing forward with the NFT release of the new collection.

But enough with spoilers. Now the question is… Do you want to meet the unique personalities of Ext.Genderlxss?


The new design Noelle is an extended version of the Noel model from the previous collection. With the calming effect of the blue square lenses and transparent edgy frame, Noelle is the perfect choice if you want to embody spontaneity and confidence while living your life to the fullest.


A powerful green-yellow lens that makes you feel both balanced and cheerful. Emery is the best accessory for the social butterflies. It will enhance your social energy and enable you to radiate a warm-yet fun vibe.

Louise & Louis

Have you ever felt stunned by someone’s presence after entering a room? If so, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about, and you can be that person thanks to the the fantastic duo they call Louise and Louis. The creative energy of the sacral chakra with the bright orange lens radiates confidence, alluding to an innovation-driven mind. Two frames for two takes on this stunning design.

Do you want your avatar to look as cool as you feel? Don’t worry, Ameos got you covered. Yesterday NFT versions of their Ext.Genderlxss collection were released on OpenSea. Now, you can have the matching looks and attitudes with your avatar and embody an alter ego digitally as well.

NFT wearables of fashion items have been taking the fashion world by storm lately and some brands stand out as the pave makers. Ameos is one of the first sunglasses brands to release and NFT collection and the Ext.Genderlxss collection is ready to make its mark, both physically and digitally.

If you want to accent your personality or manifest your alter ego, this new collection’s wide range of sunglasses may well be the solution you’ve been looking for. Prepare to explore all sides of you with Ameos’ Ext.Genderlxss collection. What are you waiting for?

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