Brother LDN: A New Dawn in genderless streetwear

April 9, 2021
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April 9, 2021

It is hard to define what Brother LDN is.

They sell apparel, records, accessories, clothes, but also have a strong presence in social media with a very informative and interactive Instagram feed, a website filled with lifestyle articles and artist interviews, podcasts and playlists and also initiatives to raise funds for organizations in partnerships with artists.

With a market stall at the Netil Market, located in the Hackney neighbourhood in London, the lifestyle brand is more than a genderless clothing shop.

As they describe themselves on their page:

Brother started life out as a market stall with one belief. Universal style. One collection, one vision. Not for him, not for her; for everyone. A totally genderless lifestyle brand fusing fashion, music and culture, we were born.

From Netil Market to Club Brother to online, we’re consistently growing in a good way. We believe in challenging stereotypes, heralding the individual and blurring the lines between music, fashion and subculture.

Brother: A universal brand for universal people.

We know that is a lot to cover when it comes to Brother LDN, but their latest drop is making us all hope for the future and craving for sunrises.

The SS21 called “A New Dawn” is out now and they manage to do what seemed impossible: proving that wearing socks and sandals can actually look good.

The lookbook was shot by Kirsten Allen and the background is inspired by the lack of beautiful sightseeing since the pandemic started.

The unconventional idea of using shower curtains as background proves that everything can look good when you’re well dressed.

“As soon as the idea of a shoot came about there was for some reason only one thing on my mind – shower curtains. I think like everyone I’m pretty done in by the current state of things (lack of fun) and wanted to use the opportunity to create a sense of hope and renewal, which was perfectly marked by the Spring Equinox that fell on the 21st of March. My work is often rooted in questioning the authenticity of reality and so the shower curtains appeared to transport Masaki and Amy into the ‘New Dawn’, where sunlight hours overpower the darkness and the first day of the rest of their life begins. I’ve been working a lot with PU foam over the past year so also took the opportunity to make some props, most notably the Sunrise Sandwich chair which is strangely comfortable even though it is a Sinkhole”Allen told Brother.

We chose our favourite from the collection, available now on Brother LDN:

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