Blackdove opens new NFT Art Gallery To Showcase Digital Canvases

July 29, 2021
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July 29, 2021

NFT art-heads, we’ve got some exciting news for you!

Beginning of June, Black Dove opened a second NFT art gallery in Miami alongside its first location in New York, in partnership with Super Chief. Not only that, there is yet another NFT art gallery opening up in Chicago soon and 2 more in location that have yet been disclosed.

This is really exciting for the NFT art world as it’s growing fast and steady, but what exactly is Blackdove for those who have never heard of it? Well, Blackdove allows artists to sell their work in limited editions backed by NFTs, license their artworks via in-app purchasing, and earn royalties on subscriptions.

Its mission is to connect the world in a shared art experience. With the artworks being backed by NFTs, the pieces can be viewed in an authentic way and by a global audience instantaneously. The intention behind this is to create a well-balanced market, as artists get rewarded for the works they create, and form a community of artists which find audiences from every corner of the globe for their pieces.

Even though the company was started up in 2002, the company did not introduce its prototype digital art market until 2014. Following, Blackdove kickstarted a project in partnership with Samsung introducing digital canvases. These digital canvases were key in the company’s success.

Four Seasons Residence from Blackdove on Vimeo.

Moving image is the hardest of the works to create. Still image, single frame is…amazing. Right? But when you can capture a moving image multi-frame experience, that’s really where we saw the future of the medium coming. And so what we’ve built is, we think, the leading solution for management display, acquisition of moving image. – CEO and Founder Marc Billings for NFT Entrepreneur

Together with LG and Samsung they have some digital canvases lined up, but LG is the primary partner. These canvases are unique because unlike regular TV’s, these screens are uniquely designed for digital art in that they are able to hang in portrait orientation.

But with these new galleries opening up, spread across the US, they extend showroom-style and create a new face for the company. And the way it works is with their own app, you can download it on any TV and display NFTs on your home television. Of course, in case you want a digital canvas, it works the exact same and you can buy them on their website.

Source: NFT Entrepreneur

We may well be looking at a future where digital art in homes, business, and galleries, becomes a staple, and will help the digital art and NFT market grow. In regards to this industry, Blackdove is on a different level, steps ahead of the game, carving out the path. Combining NFT art galleries, unique marketing and growth opportunities, Blackdove now finds itself positioned to be a leader in the space.

How do you like NFT art galleries? And where do you think the next two galleries for Blackdove will open up?

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