3D Design and Technology, Banu’s Futuristic Sneakers

March 18, 2021
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March 18, 2021

Source: Banu

The future is here, it’s 3D, and Banu is one of its many names.

The Italian brand is revolutionising the industry by, in their words, evolving the meaning of fashion 4.0. Using 3D technology both in the design and in the manufacturing process, they seek to ride the wave of cutting-edge technology-infused fashion.

Source: Banu

Founded in 2016, Banu’s name stands for “Branding a New Universe”, derived from their desire to create a new world. They are inspired by all the ingredients that spice up life, love, and youth culture, and focus their artistry towards representing these concepts through comfortable, and original products.

The label focuses mainly on the production of sneakers, although lately they are attempting to expand their technological approach to design beyond shoes, hoping to infiltrate the rest of their fashion world with their vision.

Jumping on the bandwagon of environmentally conscious avant-garde fashion, Banu’s use of SLA and DLP laser curing keeps their production process on the eco-friendly side of things.

The label promises three things: Resistance, Comfort, & Technological. And one thing’s for certain, they deliver.

Just take a look at some of their latest sneakers. Technology doesn’t only influence the manufacturing process, Banu combines it with futuristic aesthetic properties, in order to elevate the purpose of the design. One of their models, features an electronic circuit chip-like midpiece, providing the shoe with a sturdy structure, bestowing the wearer with the feeling of conquering every step they take.

It’s not hard to see why any sneakerhead would be attracted to the brand’s crispy designs. The otherworldly style conjures up imagery of delicate, yet vigorous extraterrestrial armour.

It makes one think… Could Banu, in reality, be made up by representatives from an alien civilisation, descended from a distant planet, who out of all things have chosen sneakers (to be fair it’s a huge industry, with very devoted fans) to take over humanity?

I mean sure, it seems far-fetched, but so did MKUltra at the time…

Source: @banuofficial_com

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