Silk on sport polos: Astrid Andersen’s 10 year deadstock capsule

March 5, 2021
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March 5, 2021


Source: Astrid Andersen


I think we can all agree that this has been a tough year. A year where many issues have come to light, mostly due to our inability to ignore them any longer. Y'know… Cause we've all been stuck in our homes for what seems like an eternity on and off? Hard to not face the music when you can't distract yourself from reality. 


This however, wasn't an issue for Astrid Andersen, whose awareness of the harsh reality precedes the pandemic. As an advocate for sustainability, the danish-born designer decided to take last year's COVID-19 induced lockdown as an opportunity to challenge her creativity and put her skills to the test, while making a point regarding the imperative climate crisis. Andersen got to work on a zero-waste output capsule, using only spare fabric and deadstock that the label had accumulated over the past decade. 



After almost a year of hard work, we finally get to see the results of this remarkable project. And what can we say? We are absolutely stunned 


It is truly a quintessential celebration of the brand's ten year anniversary. The pieces, composed of signature Astrid Andersen silhouettes and mismatched fabrics reminiscent of past collections, read like reveries. A trip down memory lane, that takes us to a better (and stylistically spot-on) tomorrow.



Hoodies with silk arms, silk contrasted with velour, velour on sport polos, sport polos donning leopard print, leopard print partnered with striped collegiate fabrics… The melange of prints, styles, and textures, transcends the bounds of traditional sportswear, as it collides with classic elements of luxury, rendering the garments pertinently avant-garde. An aesthetic that has been the designer's forte for quite some time.
Since the inception of her namesake label, Astrid Andersen seems to always be one step ahead of the industry, and this deadstock capsule is the perfect example of it. 
If I had to put it in seventeen words: A flawless symbiosis of the past and the present, intended to lead the way into the future.
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