ARNODEFRANCE’s Long-Awaited 2021 Collection is a Seasonless Masterpiece

April 5, 2021
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April 5, 2021

This March saw the long-awaited return of ARNODEFRANCE to the Parisian fashion scene. The seasonless 2021 collection ‘The Pine on The Rock’ is a beautiful ode to the landscape of Massif de l’Esterel (a mountainous region of the French Riviera from which the founder originates).

Have you never been to this magical-sounding region? After feasting your eyes on the collection, trust me, you’ll be on the first plane out there – after the small matter of travel bans has been resolved.


The design also draws inspiration from Asia. And the brand has gained a large, dedicated following in Japan and China.

The collection sees experimental tailoring ranging from kimono-seamed coasts, inside-out pocketed shorts, a re-imagining of the classic biker jacket and shortened sleeves and legs.

Sounds like a lot right? But it’s the combination of highly skilful tailoring with causal, everyday stitching that really makes the collection work.


Maybe it’s founder Arno’s extremely intricate work as a pastry chef that enables this absolute design finesse. He told Hypebeast:

“Sketching drafts for culinary presentations… to draw, cultivate ingredients of the season, experiment with different tastes, texture, acidity… Just the same for fashion creation where you source the ideal fabrics, discover new cut techniques, experiment on silhouettes to find ones that eventually define you, your style.”


The title for the collection, ‘The Pine on The Rock’ is used to conjure the image of a lonely tree, co-existing with a harsh environment (according to Chinese Vogue). While seemingly alone, the roots of the tree penetrate the surrounding landscape creating vital bonds. While we may see ourselves as lone wolves, it is the support of others around us that enables us to thrive and grow in harsh landscapes.

“The Pine On the Rock” collection is available now at ARNODEFRANCE. You don’t wanna miss this.


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