A Profound Perspective on Retro Inspired Groovy Streetwear

November 8, 2021
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November 8, 2021

Retro lovers gather up! We have an announcement to make. If you like vintage style, pastel tones, and sharp silhouettes, luxury streetwear brand Profound is a perfect fit.


Source: Profound, “No Love Story” Editorial


Profound has a net style: techwear inspired designs with a soft and warm color palette. Their aesthetic has a peculiar balance; all pieces complement each other and create a joyful harmony. You may find their sage signature look on any given street in everyday life, on stage on a hip-hop artist, or on the runways as its high fashion character is highlighted.


The brand has a knack for combining traditional techniques and unusual prints in most of the garments. They included tie-dye and patchwork into the design process and modernized the classics. The patterns vary from ethnic prints to modern trends such as collage.


Source: Profound, Sunrise/Sunset Editorial.


Besides having an urban streetwear visual aesthetic, Profound also embodies the rebel culture. Alternative spirit is not only present in the style, but also in the thought process behind it. The messages behind the garments are well-formulated, and the silhouettes are distorted on purpose to reflect the feelings.


Each collection aims to tell a story from the designers’ point of view. They take inspiration from personal struggles, political commentaries, and cultural identity. The designs describe the unique world they live in and how they experience it, via the language of fashion.


Source: Profound, Bradley Soileau Editorial.


Profound shows that fashion can be used to raise your voice and share your story. They care about alternative voices and perspectives, and do their best to ensure they are heard. The garments act as the instruments of this creation process. Designers are storytellers, and we are their audience.


They define authenticity as their most powerful asset, and it doesn’t take much to see why. The latest collection, “A Passing Feeling”, perfectly encapsulates the brand: vibrant, genuine, and artsy. Plainly and simply, the next level. Profound reassesses yesterday, represents today, and opens the door for the tomorrow of fashion.


Source: Profound, Pre-Fall 2021 Lookbook “A Passing Feeling”

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