Save A Seat For Us At By Walid’s Post Pandemic Tea Party

June 10, 2021
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June 10, 2021

By Walid’s most recent editorial is a glimpse into a very specific brand of post-pandemic revelry. Post Pandemic Tea Party invites you into the exclusive world of By Walid, with glimpses of courtly distress.

Judging by the dark under-eyes and increasing lassitude of the attendees, it’s obvious that there’s more than just tea in their cups. We’re confused and intrigued, but like with the Walid’s garments themselves, we want a piece of the action.

Source: By Walid

Social distancing has definitely been outlawed in this Tea Party universe, as the guests lean on each other, slumped around, or reclined on patchwork thrones. Behind them are some of Walid’s most impressive textiles — known for their incorporation of all sorts of antique fabrics, from 19th-century French linens to 17th-century tapestry.

Antiquity is everything for designer Walid al Damirji who has been creating zero waste pieces long before it was fashionable to do so. As a long-term collector of textiles, al Damirji created his first jacket in 2011 from 19th-century, aged hemp linen. As an “avid reader” of history, Walid’s design approach grew to encompass an appreciation for what was already available and deep respect for relics of the past.

Source: By Walid

Since then, his luxury zero waste pieces have become so prolific, that antique fabric dealers seek him out for his capacity to create art from the most distressed, yet brilliant, of textiles.

Post Pandemic Tea-Party, directed by Milo Max Burgess and photographed by Massimiliano Giorgeschi, exquisitely showcases some of By Walid’s most delicate pieces, in an explosion of intricacy that both overwhelms and soothes the senses.

With a heavy focus on re-purposed, antique Chinese silk in the clothing choices, original 19th century Napoleon III chairs and footstools in ancient Japanese patchwork, Post Pandemic Tea Party celebrates the beauty of the past, by bringing together different ancient eras from around the globe and situating them all in one sprawling, distressed, indulgent party. Save a seat for us, will you?

Source: By Walid

Invitations to the party aren’t easy to come by…. But luxury pieces can be purchased via the By Walid website.

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