L’Origine SS21: Roots Will Grow Flowers

March 5, 2021
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March 5, 2021

Roots Will Grow Flowers is a celebration of heritage and an ode to building something beautiful from the circumstances we are given.

Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace” (Instagram, L’Origin3).

The collection reminds us that brighter times are coming — with a summer of renewed possibilities. The drop includes bomber jackets for warmer weather; a grey bomber reminiscent of a varsity jacket with blue lettering and a brown and white piece with leather sleeves and a bright flower motif on the back.

Source: L’Origine

This drop isn’t one to miss.

The contrast of earthy and floral tones used throughout the collection highlights the different stages involved in growth and flowering — a process that must not be rushed, but cherished. The collection tells a visual story about the roots of the brand’s creators; from growing up in a rough neighborhood, to finding a creative purpose, while being shaped by deep Ghanaian roots and childhood in Amsterdam.

Source: L’Origine

‘Roots’ is a reference to celebrating heritage — at a time where cultural and racial identities are being explored more than ever before, L’Origin asserts the importance of accepting our roots. Navy, Maroon, and Black hoodies have the words ‘Embrace Where You Come From’ embroidered on the front and ‘Roots Will Grow Flowers’ on the back.

Source: L’Origine

We also see the return of the short sleeve ‘Roots Will Grow Flowers’ t-shirt, originally from the SS19 drop with the same name.

Roots Will Grow Flowers is now available in our webstore.

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