‘women stop volume’ By Ria Mora Definitely Stopped Us On Our Tracks

November 1, 2022
Written By:
Written By:
November 1, 2022

Fashion is self-expression. Expression of the self. Taking this premise as the backbone of our train of thought we might go as far as inferring that whichever garments and items we carefully and conscientiously pick out to decorate our precious bodies, may well be considered extensions of our bodies. Ancillary layers of skin, supplementary limbs that in a way make us feel whole and connected not only to ourselves but also to others. This might be what Ria Mort is getting at in her awe-inspiring editorial for Lampoon Magazine titled ‘women stop volume’.

The editorial, which takes place in the stunning Styphalia lake in Greece, captures female fluidity in a ritual-like, ancient manner.

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