Venture Into The Moon, Bathe In Moonlight

January 25, 2023
Written By:
Written By:
January 25, 2023

Into the Moon as an editorial is a mesmerizing journey into the unknown, an ode to lunar exploration. But is the moon something we can’t reach that bathes us in light up above? Or is Into the Moon simply a call to embrace the otherworldly within us? 

The model’s ethereal garments shimmer and shine, perhaps like an astronaut’s space suit, perhaps like the moon’s surface. A stark contrast to the lush green background, the verdant earth, and the very embodiment of life. Like a beam of moonlight, the lighting compliments the masterful composition, conveying the sense of wonder and awe, the uncertainty of embarking on a journey to a place unknown. The grainy texture, the shifted focus… A multitude of thoughts glimmer through, as many as stars in the sky. Are we the astronaut, or are we the moon?

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