The Mirai capsule of Pace, Brazilian & Japanese design into leisurely garments

December 14, 2020
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Written By:
December 14, 2020

The Next Cartel is boasting Mirai Holiday, the exclusive capsule of Pace that conveys Brazilian culture and Japanese design into functional, leisurely garments. Pace continues to offer the best experience in each collection, supporting small local production & using sustainable materials to deliver high quality, avant-garde creations.

Combining clean lines and essential silhouettes, the Mirai Holiday capsule
features 285 GSM, vintage touch fabrics, printed t-shirts, wide trousers, nylon
shorts, hoodies, a shopper bag, and sandals.
Not enough? With the latest collection, the brand kicks off with a new, exclusive
piece of design in its accessories category: the folding iron Solehunter chair, available in
black or green.
The Mirai Holiday collection is Available now

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