Irina Gusakova AW20: A Journey into The Magic Mountain

December 15, 2020
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December 15, 2020

“An assuming young man was traveling, in midsummer, from his native city of Hamburg to Davos-Plats in the Canton of the Grisons, on a three weeks’ visit. From Hamburg to Davos is a long journey- too long, indeed, for so brief a stay”.
The Irina Gusakova AW20 collection translates the 1920’s Thomas Mann’s novel The Magic Mountain into multi-functional garments. The new creations tell the story of Hans Castorp, which relocates from metropolitan pre-war Hamburg to a sanatorium in the remote Swiss Alps, in what has become a personal, inner journey in the rarefied mountain air. The design itself is a reflection of well-being and healings. A different experience of time and environment, that meets the benefits of a recovered human connection with nature- somehow lost in the busy life of city-dwellers.

For the new drop, the brand has teamed up with the Amsterdam based illustrator and artist Andrew Tseng.
“I wanted my illustrations to contrast the harsh mountain setting in which the story takes place with the adventurous spirit and romantic view of nature that was typical of the times”. Tseng’s abstract humor and wired compositions draw the contemporary negotiation between identity and nature, marked by the paradoxes of everyday, urban life. His dynamic characters are proposed in several printed hoodies and long-sleeve T-shirts.

Amsterdam based illustrator and artist Andrew Tseng
Beyond illustrations, the storytelling is crafted by the design itself. The Gusakova AW20 multifunctional garments are conceived to facilitate the switch from the city to the wild nature. Blending contemporary tailoring mastery, classic silhouettes, and sportswear, the collection exploits sustainable and long-lasting fabrics. Bio-based, water-resistant, breathable nylon, wind-proof wool, cotton, as well as recycled and reinforced polyester, provide protection against the natural elements. Further versatility is provided by straps and lacing, which allow to adapt clothes to any body-type, while multi-modular items ensure the durability of core pieces.
The new Irina Gusakova AW20 collection is now available.

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