Botswana’s MaRock Scene: Nothing Short Of A Dream

February 8, 2023
Written By:
Written By:
February 8, 2023

In a world where background noise often masks the truth, heavy metal stands as a beacon of authenticity. Such is the case for Botswana’s MaRock, which is the name given to avid metal fans in the African country. Captured by the talented lens of Oliver Hadlee Pearch, this Wild Wild West dream is nothing short of authentic.

One thing stands out: It’s not just music to distract, but a means of rebellion against the status quo. It’s a sense of community and generosity too, with events like the Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Festival and the Vulture Thrust Metal Fest raising money for local causes. The MaRock, is a true fusion of international templates and unique elements, touching on themes of mental health, loss, and history while staying away from the political, unlike its neighbouring nations. With its fierce sound and empowering message, Botswana’s metal scene is proof that honesty and passion can make a powerful impact.

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