The Coexistence Of Technology And Fashion Is Beautiful And Strong With This One

October 18, 2022
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Written By:
October 18, 2022

We have found ourselves completely and utterly enraptured by the following 57 seconds ever since we came across the video. We’d go as far as to call it a visual experience in fact! The production directed by Marco Prestini and produced by DIVISION consists of an ad for Biotherm’s Blue Retinol Serum.

If only all marketing actions were as beautiful as this one we would be surrounded by ethereal content everywhere we’d turn our heads. What we’re particularly stricken by is how the film manages to give a sense of timelessness and momentous energy of something greater than life going on, while still perfectly highlighting the product’s protagonist role. 57 seconds that combine fashion, technology, and a touch of sci-fi vibes that had us sold. Marketing at its best. The perfect example of how investment pays off when it comes to marketing.

Produced by @division.global & @theogall
Line prod @alixbaltauss @louise_tressens
Agency @akqa
Creative Director @fe_sona
Agency Producer @boris_loeve
Cinematographer @oli_millar
Stylist @raphaelhirsch
Makeup Artist @ammydrammeh
Manicurist @katia_en_camerinos
Hair Stylist @shioritakahashi
Julia Lange @julialangecasting
Model @cristinaefi
Skydiving Stunts @kuczynska.maja
Choreographer @jorane_rest
Photographer @benjaminlennox
Production Service @twentyfourseven_tv @rodriguez.oriol
Production Designer @cesaresedo
Post Production @monumental_f @louispaulordonneau
Editor @maxime___caro
Colour Grader @arthurpaux
VFX @square.vfx@jussreandot_mat & @colin.journee
Music Composer & Sound Design @ballad.co
VO @capitaineplouf
Photo Retouching @upper_studio
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