Justaddsugar – NFT Drop


3D Design

Not just an NFT jacket, it embodies Justaddsugar’s persona. Justaddsugar celebrated its three year anniversary by partnering up with The Next Cartel to create an NFT jacket for their employees.

Justaddsugar is a Creative Production Agency based in Hamburg. They create and produce social media content that moves people. From small projects and extensions to full-fledged digital campaigns.
This jacket symbolizes the rainy weather in Hamburg, where the agency’s roots lie. It aims to create a sense of belonging, support, acceptance and identification.
It is not just an NFT jacket, it embodies Justaddsugar’s persona, as can be seen by the falling sugar grains on the jacket, combining the sugar and the rainy atmosphere of Hamburg.

Creative Agency: The Next Cartel
Digital Fashion Design: Cornel Doornebosch
Creative Direction: Felipe Santibañez